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aboriginal art

Religious And Cultural Aspects Of Aboriginal Art

The Australian indigenous and aboriginal art form is majorly noted for their religious and cultural significance. The art form is associated with dreams and totems and has been in existence for thousands of years now. Aboriginal art forms are based on certain beliefs and associated with the religious aspects of the aboriginal communities of Australia. Here we are going to give you some information related to the religious and cultural aspects of this art form.


The aboriginal beliefs are majorly associated with dream time and dreaming. The dream can be said to be the fundamental aspects of the aboriginal art and culture. The dreaming literally mean in aboriginal culture as “that springing from its own eternity” and it is also regarded as the establishment and beginning of everything as well. According to their belief, dreaming can be experienced through songs, rituals, symbols and ceremony and it is closely related to spirituality as well.

Their sacred stories

There are different mythic stories which are told throughout the aboriginal spirituality and they are connected with land and the ancestral heritage of the community. Unlike other cultures however, the aboriginal spirituality and mythology are not written down. They are instead performed. They are depicted through dances, songs and the words of the mouth that are passed from one generation to another. Explore Aboriginal art store and get to know more of the religious and cultural  aspects of aboriginal art.


There are various rituals associated with the aboriginal art and spirituality. The diverse social and communal group shares similar significance when it comes to different rituals which are associated with their tribes. These rituals are usually controlled by the men and the elders. The rituals take place in a sacred place and the spirits are called upon through these rituals. The rituals are some of the major aspects associated with the aboriginal culture.