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SHELL PETROLEUM DEVELOPMENT COMPANY-(SPDC) -this is a joint venture operation, managed by Shell Petroleum. The shareholding structure comprises NNPC (55%), Shell International (30%), Elf Petroleum (10%), Agip Oil (5%). This is the largest producing operation in Nigeria, and accounts for almost half of the country’s daily production (approximately 900,000bbl/day) and reserves. The company has 2 operating units-the eastern division, based in Port Harcourt, and the western division based in Warri. SPDC’s corporate headquarters is in Lagos. The company has more than 100 producing oil fields, and a network of more than 6,000 kilometres of pipelines, flowing through 87 flowstations. SPDC operates 2 coastal oil export terminals, Forcados and Bonny.

SPDC has also recently incorporated 2 subsidiary operations- Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited (SNEPCO), and the Shell Nigeria Gas Limited. SNEPCO was incorporated to operate the deepwater blocks, which were granted to Shell in 1993. These are production-sharing contracts, and the blocks are located in water depths of between 400 and 1,400 metres. SNEPCO also operates 3 onshore blocks located in the north of Nigeria.

MOBIL PRODUCING NIGERIA UNLIMITED- (Now Exxon Mobil), a joint venture that is now the second largest operation in the country. The JV also has the only condensate operation in Nigeria, and is owned by NNPC (60%), and Mobil Oil (40%).
Most of Mobil’s production is from shallow water offshore fields, with its operating unit based in the southeast location of Eket. The company operates a crude oil terminal there known as the Qua Iboe Terminal (Q.I.T.) The company’s total daily production is now in the region of 520,000 bbls/day. The company’s output was also boosted by the development a few years ago of the OSO condensate field, now producing about 100,000 bbls/day.

An aggressive exploration/development policy is currently in place, with a view to boosting production to about 900,000 bbls/day by the year 2003. With its production facilities offshore, the company has not suffered from the ongoing community related problems that have plagued the Shell/Agip operations. 

CHEVRON NIGERIA LIMITED-The joint venture is owned by NNPC (60%) and ChevronTexaco (40%). The JV has its head office in Lagos, while its operational base is in Escravos, producing a crude stream of the same name.

Chevron’s operating unit is based in Warri, and its crude oil terminal is located at Escravos. The company’s head office is located in Lagos. The joint venture operates 25 fields, covering an area of 5180 square kilometres offshore and 2,590 square kilometres onshore. Current daily production is about 420,000 bbls/day.

Chevron has also made significant investments in the area of gas utilisation, with the development of the Escravos Gas Gathering project, which commenced first phase operations in 1997. The project currently processes 185 million cubic feet of associated gas per day. A third phase to this project is currently under development.  mackage coats

NIGERIAN AGIP OIL COMPANY-(NAOC) The fourth largest oil producer in Nigeria is owned by NNPC (60%), Agip Oil (20%), and Phillips Petroleum (20%). Current production is about 145,000 bbls/day, from 146 producing wells. The company operates an export terminal at Brass, and has its operational base in Port Harcourt.

Over the past years, NAOC’s production has been subjected to disruptions by attacks from local communities. The terminal at Brass was invaded by youths, resulting in considerable damage to the facilities.

NAOC is a partner in the Liquefied Natural Gas project, and is developing an Independent Power project  in the Rivers State.

ELF NIGERIA LIMITED- The JV between NNPC (60%) and TotalElfFina (40%) produces about 125,000 bbls/day, from 12 onshore and offshore fields. ELF has its operational base in Port Harcourt. The company has no export terminal, and operates with a floating production unit.  Currently, production is split evenly between offshore and onshore fields, and Elf plans to shift most of its production offshore with the development of a number of offshore concessions acquired by the company.

Texaco is the operator and owner of a 20% interest in 6 oil mining leases covering an area of  606,000 acres offshore in the Delta basin. The other  joint venture partners are the NNPC (60%) and Chevron (20%). Texaco, (now ChevronTexaco) has been involved in exploration and production of Nigerian crude oil resources since 1961.   Over 473 million barrels of oil have been produced since operations commenced.   Texaco has its operational base at Warri, and its headquarters in Lagos.

In January 1999, Texaco and its Nigerian deepwater joint-venture partner, Famfa, announced a major discovery, Agbami-1.  The field located in deep waters located of the Niger Delta, has commenced development this year.


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